Fort Worth Date Night: Oh Goody! (FW Business Press)

March 11, 2009

There is something to be said about choices.  Every single day we are confronted with them. For many of us, it’s what to wear, what to eat, who to date and with whom to spend the rest of our lives. It can be overwhelming. What once was an easy decision, a trip to a fast food restaurant can now have you staring at the menu like a puppy that hears an odd noise and turns its head sideways.

I recently had the overwhelming feeling when I visited a liquor store in the southwest part of Fort Worth. It’s called Goody Goody Liquor (4740 SW Loop 820). The overwhelm quickly turned to “impressed” as I strolled through the 40,000 square feet of this “Adult Beverage Superstore!”  It’s like a Toys-R-Us for grownups. Let me preface this by saying that I am in no way encouraging the consumption of alcohol.  Do not shoot the messenger! This is just hardcore reporting at its best. Back to the libations.

From the parking lot, you will think you are just walking into any ol’ store in a strip center. This will quickly go away when you physically enter Goody Goody. The finish out is unlike any I’ve seen in a liquor store. And, the sheer size of the locale and volume of selections is impressive. So, you start through your wine journey.  The wines are separated by regions. Each “room” is designed as if you are in a specific wine’s origin. As you meander through this maze of VinoMania, there is a good chance that you’ll actually think you are in Tuscany or Bordeaux.

I’m a wine lover. Red wine, white wine, champagne….whatever!  And, have often bought a bottle I’ve never tried based on the appearance of the label.  This is the reason that I have picked Goody Goody Liquor as an actual Date Night selection. You and your significant other will have a blast perusing the vast offerings. If you have no place to be, then, you guys will get lost in time walking in and out of the different rooms and up and down each aisle.

And, I haven’t even mentioned that they are a full liquor store. So, if it’s beer or the harder stuff you are in search of, there are plenty of choices for you, as well.  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and readily available. And, once you make your selection, don’t forget you are super close to Palio’s Pizza Cafe or Prima’s Pasta & Pizza…both BYOW (Bring Your Own Whatever!).

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