Fort Worth Date Night: A little fuzzy & a little fishy (FW Business Press)

March 26, 2009

Many, many years ago, I found myself in Puerto Vallarta.  Well, perhaps, I wasn’t really lost, I was with friends during a college spring break. A beautiful hotel, the ocean, open markets…this was going to be a relaxing week.

Upon arrival to the hotel room, my friend, Pigeon, and I immediately began to unpack. Midway through the only work planned for the week, I see Pigeon lose his balance and he and his suitcase go flying across the room. As a naive college lad, I chalked it up to too many Dos Equis on the flight over. But, about the time of his tumble, I felt something, too. As it turns out, we had experienced a minor earthquake. Perhaps, a foreshadowing of the week to come.

We enjoyed the beaches during the day and were off to the clubs at night. On one of our first nights, we were invited to a “fiesta” at a local hotel.  Let me set the scene. A pool, a bunch of tables with chairs, a buffet and a mariachi band.  To gain entrance to this party, two things must take place. First, you pay 10 bucks. Next, and this should have been the red flag, we were given a homemade shot glass, tied to a lanyard, put around our neck and this “art project” is filled with tequila. Mind you, we are not talking about a tequila considered “high grade.” 

Over the next couple of hours, it was all about eating, shots, dancing, shots, more eating and, then…shots, shots and more shots. At some point, I remember donning a sombrero, a beautifully woven Mexican sarape and jumping on stage with the Mariachi band. I’m not sure many of the band members were actually in sync as they were laughing too hard from me continuously yelling, “Borracho!” (see Spanish dictionary) The pictures have been destroyed and, until writing this article, so were the memories.

The next morning, we found a local cafe and I was introduced to one of the greatest dishes. It was fish tacos.  Warm corn tortillas filled with lightly fried white fish, white cheese and homemade salsa. This was a big plate of love and, more importantly, helped in making the night before go away.

Since then, let’s hope that I’ve grown wiser and more mature. I still don’t partake in tequila to this day. However, I have not lost my affinity for fish tacos or fish burritos. Which is why Fort Worth is so lucky to have Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (2917 W Berry St., Fort Worth).  Their menu is extensive.  Whether it be one of my favorites, the potato, egg and cheese burrito or my VERY favorite, the tempura fish burrito…everything I’ve consumed at Fuzzy’s is fantastic. Let’s get back to the fish burrito. A giant burrito filled with delicately cooked tempura-coated fish.  I prefer mine with only guacomole, lettuce and cheese.  Fuzzy’s is very accomodating and will prepare your dish to your liking. 

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is located near TCU, not far from the intersection of Berry and University. It is very casual and extremely affordable. More importantly, you’ll feel as though you are dining in an authentic Mexican eatery. The perfect place no matter if you are on a date or recovering from one. And, should we meet there, I can guarantee that I will not be the one wearing a sombrero.  A lamp shade, maybe…but, definitely not a sombrero.  Buenos Dias!

Fuzzy’s also has locations in Denton, Arlington and on Race Street in northeast Fort Worth.

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