Fort Worth Date Night: Pizza, Pinot and Patio: Alliteration at its best! (FW Business Press)

October 01, 2009

A crucial element of dating is all in the planning. Knowing where you are going, when you are going and all the details help alleviate problems later on when it’s time to actually go on your date. However, it is fun occasionally to just see where the night takes you.

Which is exactly what happened to me recently. Someone close to me that we’ll refer to as Plus One (+1) asked if I’d go with her to an upscale kitchen store to buy a wedding shower gift. How could I say “no” to that? What I did discover is that I make an awesome holder of the printed wedding registry. Apparently, I’m also very good at carrying the large, wrapped box to the car. Afterwards, our plan was to find somewhere to eat. Preferably, a place with a patio. So, off we go.

Our first stop was to a well-known, high-end wine bar & pizzeria. What we found was a long wait. Then, it was agreed upon that the dining destination would be Central Market. On the way there, +1 commented….correction…was adamant about “NEEDING” salad and pizza. Bingo! We are a block away.

What started off as a uncharted journey turned out to be finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We ended up at Brix Pizza and Wine Bar (2747 S. Hulen, Fort Worth). Close your eyes for a second. Well, after you read this. The sky is clear. The weather is perfect and hovering around the low 70’s. The small, but, romantically lit patio is inviting and a table summons us to sit down as if it had been waiting all day for us to arrive.

I’ll get to the food in a second, but, equally impressive was our server. Leo…correction…Leonardo. “Leonardo” said with a strong Italian accent. He would go on to make our evening a great one. But, it was late and what did we come for? Food!

Opting for salads to start, me with the Caesar and +1 went with the Brix Salad. Both excellent choices. While their menu is somewhat extensive, deciding was easy as this had been discussed en route. We were going with the Margherita pizza. But, the menu threw us a hitch in our giddy up. Right below the Margherita was the Brix Signature Pizza. On the menu, both are listed with the exact same ingredients…Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella and Fresh Basil. After getting clarity from Leo, the Brix Signature Pizza was the way to go. The only difference was that this one was prepared with fresh, homemade mozzarella. Oh my!

What came out was a pizza that was reminiscent of being in Italy. A thin, crispy crust topped with the freshest ingredients and Brix had two happy campers. While full might be what my stomach was telling me, something prompted me to ask Leonardo about dessert. He mentioned three amazing-sounding options. Those being Tiramisu, Cannoli and Nutella Pizza. I believe I even whimpered when “Nutella” was mentioned, but, it was his reaction to the Cannoli that led us to that one. Like the rest of the meal, it did not disappoint. And, like the rest of the meal, there were no remnants of food left on the plate.

This was definitely one of those evenings where the planets were aligned. Perfect weather, inviting atmosphere, wonderful food and an ambiance that screamed ‘Date Night!” Thank you, Universe, for delivering all of the above-mentioned. And, thank you for Brix!

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