Fort Worth Date Night: How The Grinch Saved Christmas (FW Business Press)

December 10, 2009

It always amazes me when December begins to roll around how cranky so many become. Sure, the holidays are coming up, but, apparently, everything leading up to that is actually quite a beating. Even more shocking is what people are complaining about.

The other day, a fellow gym-goer complained that she wished everyone would just go away because she couldn’t get a close parking spot while holiday shopping. Really? Millions of homeless in this country and worldwide and you might have to walk an extra 100 feet to get to your destination? Poor baby.

The list goes on and on. The kvetching continues to range from “too many parties to attend this time of year” to “I have to be at two different places on Christmas and I don’t know how I’m going to do it.” Oh my! Call Dr. Phil or Dr. Drew. It’s time for an intervention. We have an epidemic on our hands people. There are too many Grinches.

A Grinch, of Dr. Seuss fame, is defined as “a person or thing that spoils or dampens the pleasure of others.” I don’t know about you, but, I love this time year. The weather gets a little chillier, the windows on the stores get more festive and neighborhoods begin to take on a personality with the adornment of holiday lights and decorations. There is no room for Grinches!

This year, however, there is one place where the Grinch is most certainly welcome. The Gaylord Texan is hosting their annual ICE! exhibit. This year’s theme is How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss. Two million pounds of ice were used to recreate life-size scenes straight out of the pages of the original classic.

According to the Gaylord Texan, “The unique attraction is created by 40 master artisans from Harbin, China, who magically transform 5,000 blocks of ice into the city of Who-ville. From the Grinch’s frozen mountaintop lair and 20-foot high slides to a variety of family photo opportunities and the picturesque Who-ville including feasting Who’s and Max the dog, the enchanting attraction is sure to make more hearts than just the Grinch’s grow three times in size.”

Of course, this will make a great family outing. And, yes, go with a friend or friends. But, trust me when I tell you that this will be one of the greatest Date Nights you will have. It is one of those experiences that, by the end, you will have experienced and felt many different emotions. The best part…they will all be positive ones. You will feel happiness and joy to laughter and amazement. The greatest part is that you will be sharing these emotions together. And, while you think that you two are going alone, you’ll actually be double dating with words like “Wow!” and “Oh my!”

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