Fort Worth Date Night: Fort Worth Date Night: This Sleigh Ride will be one of “Epic” Proportions

December 17, 2009

One of the most appealing aspects of Christmas Eve is the thought of Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky. In a perfect world, the weather would be cold, snow falling and, as you look up, your view would be that of a starry sky with Santa’s sled leaving a stream of light as he quickly maneuvers throughout the world. After all, the guy has a lot to get done in a short period. Talk about being in more than one place at a time.

You have to be a little jealous of Santa’s view. Can you imagine what the holiday scene on the ground is like from above? Colored lights for miles, glistening snow on the ground and rooftops and white smoke billowing from fireplaces into the sky. Sure, we can get in our cars and drive around searching for the neighborhoods with the best holiday lights and decorated houses. Some areas have gained so much popularity that it might take hours to drive a couple of blocks. Kind of takes away from the holiday spirit, right?

This year, don’t make that mistake. This week’s Date Night suggestion would even make Santa jealous. Have you heard of Epic Helicopters? The fact that they offer services like flight training, tours, aerial photography and such should be expected. But, it’s one little nugget that Epic offers throughout the month of December that might get your Date Night started in a BIG way.

This year, Epic Helicopters is offering two different Holiday Lights tours. Or, as they like to refer to it, “The Ultimate Sleigh Ride.” The first is called “Santa’s Sleigh Ride.” This tour flies over the most spirited neighborhoods that glow brightly under the stars. The other is the ultimate in VIP “sleighing.” This one is called “Santa’s Silver Bullet.” According to Epic, “this tour includes the Downtown Fort Worth Christmas tree, Stockyards Christmas tree and numerous glowing neighborhoods. The highlight of this tour is the incredibly popular and brightly lit Grand Prairie Lights, home to over 3 million lights! It’s a sight to behold from the air.”

If you think the holiday lights tours are enough, think again. Epic Helicopters also offers some very cool “add-ons” to embellish your ride. Some of these are: Holiday music in the sky, Champagne, red roses and a very cool “Dinner Date” upgrade.

Just picture you and your favorite “plus one” flying through the winter sky, admiring this town and its surroundings like you’ve never experienced. The anticipation of the date might trump the actual flight. This Date Night will be hard to top. And, just remember, no Grinches, Scrooges or lumps of coal are allowed on board.

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