Fort Worth Date Night: Power Hour

March 19, 2010

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is, “What if we never have time for Date Night?” My answer to that is “You have to make time for Date Night.” It’s much like wanting to get in shape, but, not having time to get to the gym.

A big misconception about “Date Night” is that it has to be a full evening on a weekend or a swanky night out. I often suggest it can be during the week, at breakfast or whenever you two decide. That is the beauty of being the co-boss of your relationship. You just have to plan something.

Let me introduce you to something I’ve coined called “Power Hour.” This is like speed dating, but, not in the sense that you are familiar. Power Hour is a mini-date that lasts no longer than 60 minutes. It’s designed to get the two of you alone, out of the house and to enjoy some quality time when a full evening just won’t work. And, no, going to the local home improvement store doesn’t count.

Here are my Top 5 Power Hours to do in Fort Worth:

1) Ol’ South Pancake House (1507 S University Dr.) – This is a staple in Fort Worth. Under new ownership, the place has gotten a facelift, the menus have been changed and I think the food is better. Don’t know what to get? They are known for their German Pancakes. Much like a folded massive crepe, it is stuffed with a buttery, lemony, powder sugary concoction that will make your eyes roll in the back of your head.

2) Artisan Bakery (4900 White Settlement Road) – Perhaps Fort Worth’s best kept secret. Gwin and her staff do an amazing job of baking the freshest, tastiest goodies. Their scones are scrumptious. From ones with fruit to jalapeno, bacon and cheese, you just never know what they’ll drum up. As an admitted chocoholic, the Triple Chocolate cookie is inexplicably the best! Stop by Artisan, pick up some goods and find a nice park bench to enjoy. They can also be found every Saturday morning at the Cowtown Farmers Market on Alta Mere (Traffic Circle).

3) Curly’s Frozen Custard (4017 Camp Bowie Blvd) – Strategically placed on the Camp Bowie bricks, Curly’s is a great place to get away for a treat and some relaxation. With the amazing spring weather, I can’t think of a better hour spent than with your +1, nursing a Curly’s Crunch and listening to the slow trickle of their courtyard fountain. As a bonus, Curly’s is dog-friendly and this is one date you are allowed to bring a third wheel.

4) Japanese Garden – Nestled in Fort Worth’s Botanic Garden, the Japanese Garden is perhaps the most tranquil date you two will have. Unless, of course, you plan a spa day. But, that would defeat Power Hour, right? Just meandering through these gardens will drop your blood pressure, make you appreciate one another and, the best part, it’s not even necessary to talk. Just show up, walk around, breathe and enjoy your surroundings. And, don’t forget to bring quarters. You’ll have a blast feeding the massive Koi.

5) Donation Dash – This is not a restaurant or a 10K run. This is another “Mike-ism” that allows you and your significant other the opportunity to give back. How does this work? For 30 to 45 minutes (set your timer), you simply clean out your garage, a closet, a drawer…whatever it is that needs to be purged or organized. When your time is up, load up your car and head to your nearest donation station. Whether it’s a kiosk or a storefront, many are open 7 days-a-week. This, perhaps, will be your most satisfying and rewarding date.

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