Fort Worth Date Night: A “Sweet” Date Night

by Michael Bloomberg

May 14, 2010

Do you remember how simple desserts were when we were kids? The ice cream truckmusic could be heard for blocks away and we couldn’t get there fast enough. Or, maybe it was Dairy Queen. Some of our options were a Blizzard, a Dilly Bar and, if you were feeling daring, the Peanut Buster Parfait. I can still taste my sweet grandmother’s homemade chocolate milk shake. It had particular meaning when I got one when I was sick. And, now that she is no longer with us, it is even that much more tastier in my head and special in my heart (and belly).
But, something has happened to dessert. It’s gotten…oh, what’s the word….frou-frou. Frou-frou meaning “something fancy, elaborate, and showy.” Just watch the Food Network or the umpteen cooking shows on any given weekend. One of the popular trends is spicy seasoning mixed in with chocolate. LEAVE MY CHOCOLATE ALONE! The chocolate was fine before you chefs had to come along and “Pimp my Brownie.” Nuts are o.k. Chile powder is not.

Which is why I love a new addition to Fort Worth so much. Sweet Sammies is about the greatest thing to hit Fort Worth since the Chisholm Trail. Great in several aspects. First and foremost, it’s scrumptious! Next, the prices are really reasonable. And, finally, it’s easy and simple…like when we were kids. Let me explain.

Sweet Sammies offers up fresh baked cookies, scoops of ice cream or both. Both? Stay with me. It’s brilliant. If you are opting for the ice cream sandwich, you pick out two cookies you’d like. One chocolate chip with nuts and one without. Done. Two oatmeal raisin. Done. One chocolate chip and one Oatmeal Toffee. You get the idea. Then, it’s down to your choices of the fresh Blue Bell ice cream. On my first visit, I went very conservative. Twochocolate chip cookies and a scoop of vanilla. Before I knew it, I’m the proud owner of one of the best ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

Are you sitting down? This “Sweet Sammie” is only $1.75. That means two of you can each get your own dessert (sharing is optional) for well under 5 bucks. Sweet Sammies is surrounded by all the new “goings on” down on the University/7th Street corner. It’s located at 825 Currie St., just down from the Movie Tavern.

You could easily hit up Sweet Sammies after lunch or dinner. Even better, you could simply have a Date Night, Date Day, Date Morning or Date “whatever” centered around it. There is seating inside, but, plenty of tables and benches located up and down the street should the weather be nice. And, did I mention that the cookies are usually out-of-the-oven fresh? Alone, they would be fantastic. But, isn’t it the ice cream that is somewhat the star of most dessert shows. After all, it was Voltaire who said, “Ice cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal.”

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