Fort Worth Date Night: A”Smokin” Date Night

by Michael Bloomberg
May 20, 2010

Their motto is “You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!” O.K., don’t mind if I do. With bold words like that, they better be able to back it up. I’m pretty sure every restaurant doesn’t open up thinking they are just fair or mediocre. Although, and it’s not a restaurant, but, I always get a kick out of an alteration place on the west side of Fort Worth called, “OK Tailor.” Seriously? A business with low self-esteem?
So, I was happy to find a barbeque joint who was proud of their product and eager to stand behind their motto. I have heard about Hickory Stick BBQ for years. My parents and their friends have been several times recently and couldn’t sing their praises enough. As a lifelong Fort Worthian and lover of the smoked brisket, it was time to head to Forest Hill to see what all the fuss was about.
Apparently, the fuss has been going on a while. Hickory Stick has been in existence for over 34 years. A feat that is not often seen when it comes to a business, much less, a restaurant. Now I’m understanding their confidence. Hickory Stick is actually in Everman(900 E. Enon Ave., Everman, TX 76140). Not a far drive from the southwest part of Fort Worth. I love that when I pulled up to the parking lot, it looked and smelled like “this place has some serious BBQ.”

You’ll find your typical BBQ selections on the menu. Some in our party went with the chopped beef and kept saying it was the best they had eaten. I opted for the sliced beef and will say that it was very, very good. I also didn’t leave hungry. The portions are huge.

We inquired about dessert. Everything sounded great. But, something at the order counter caught my eye. This was homemade peanut brittle. While they don’t make it there, it is made locally and can honestly say as a peanut brittle officianado, could be the best peanut brittle ever.

It’s getting to be that time of year. The weather is heating up, the outdoor activities are increasing and your grill starts to get used a bit more. Don’t feel like cooking? Need to fulfill your BBQ fix? Hickory Stick would make the perfect place for you two to hit up when looking for that casual, hole-in-the-wall, “can I go like this?” kind-of-place.

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