Fort Worth Date Night: Heaven in a Basket

by Michael Bloomberg
April 30, 2010

It would be great if I could write every week about chocolate. Much like the shrimp speech from Forrest Gump, I prefer chocolate cake, chocolate pie, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate, chocolate martinis, and so on and so on. You get the idea. Which is why I’m switching things up this week. I’m turning over a new leaf; no mention of chocolate (except for what you just read).
You see, I may have found a new dessert obsession. We’ll get to that in a minute. The issue is that I’m still trying to figure out if it falls in the dessert category, the vegetable category or simply the “best comfort food ever” category. It’s so good that a Date Night should be centered around this basket of deliciousness.
In the location formerly housed by Deuce and, then, Fuego, now resides Jake’s Hamburgers. I’m probably much like you. Born in Fort Worth and very loyal to my Cowtown favorites, I’ve always been partial to Kincaid’s, Tommy’s and Fred’s. I know there are others, but, go with me here for a minute. So, when a new burger joint comes to town, I’m very apprehensive.
Ironically, it wasn’t even the burger that got me there in the beginning. Which is where my new obsession comes into play. I kept hearing about Jake’s Sweet Potato Fries. When not deep fried, a regular sweet potato is not my tator of choice. However, I had to suck it up and do my research like any good journalist would do. It only took one bite.
What came out was the following. A basket of crinkle cut sweet potato fries. But, that wasn’t all. There was a sweet, subtle smell to them. Not to mention, a side of some “white stuff” that apparently accompanies said fries. Upon further inspection, it’s a sugary, cinnamony concoction sprinkled on these bad boys right out of the fryer. And, the white stuff? That would be marshmallow for dipping. Somewhat reminiscent of Thanksgiving and sweet potato pie. Only way better and you can get them all year long.
Jake’s has a great selection of burgers, but, that’s not all. Chicken, sandwich classics and salads are also an option. I love the Chicken Tender Salad. I’m also a huge fan of their appetizers. Besides the sweet potato fries (which can be ordered first or as a side), the fried pickle chips are great, as well as, the jalapeno bottle caps. These are “coins of jalapenos, battered and served with a side of Ranch to cool off your taste buds.” Feeling brave? You might opt for the Jalapeno Bottle Cap burger. Another fav if you like spicy and are not trying to watch your girlish figure.

Besides several in Dallas and the Camp Bowie location in Fort Worth, Jake’s can also be found in downtown Fort Worth on Main Street. As I mentioned before, I’m very loyal. And, now I’m loyal to those sweet potato fries. The sweet coating, the golden fried potato and the absolute icing on the cake, the marshmallow sauce for dipping just keeps playing over and over in mind. And, when I get down to my last fry, a sense of sadness usually comes over me. But, then, I think of Mason Cooley’s brilliant advice, “Cure for an obsession; get another one.”

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