Fort Worth Date Night: Simply D’Vine

by Michael Bloomberg
May 7, 2010

It’s no secret that I am a planner. This is true in my professional life, as well as, in my personal life. I’m not sure why. I just feel more comfortable when I know what I am going to be doing. That’s not to say that I can’t be sporadic, too.
In reality, some of the best outings are the times that aren’t planned and you just see where the night takes you. This actually happened to me recently. A good friend called and asked, “Want to run an errand with me?” Me: “Sure.” Little did I know this errand would take me toGrapevine. But, not to worry. This just gave me another excuse to hit my favorite pizzeria inLas Colinas, Cavalli Pizza.
After a quick stroll through the ski store and an exchange, we decided that since we are nearMain Street in Grapevine, it was worth a visit to see what was going on. It was bustling onthis Saturday afternoon. One of the first places we walk upon was D’Vine Wine on Main Street.
An hour and half later, we found ourselves still parked at a table inside. What a great place! Here’s out it played out. We walked through the store and quickly checked out the wines. Great choices and reasonable prices. As we were heading back out the door, we stopped at an empty table to read the menu on the table. This was the tasting menu and the “by the glass” menu.” It was also the reason for our extended stay.
D’vine Wine offers tastings of some of their popular wines. You can pick 3 wines in a particular category for $5 dollars. I believe we went went with 3 from Reds, 3 from Whites, 3 from Sparkling and 3 from dessert wines. These are generous pours. Should you find one you like, you are more than welcome to order another glass or a bottle. We weren’t that brave. There was one that stood out. It was an almond sparkling wine. So good that we both bought a bottle. At under 15 dollars a bottle, it was a bargain.
D’Vine Wine also hosts monthly events. I’d suggest signing up for their e-mail newsletter for updates. Recently, they hosted a Paella Night. Some upcoming events are Barrel Tasting Night, Wine & Cheese 101 and Flight Night. They are also available for private parties. Even more impressive is that if you choose, you can actually make a batch of your own wine. This is not done in a day. But, you can create your own private label. How cool would that make you? Their website has all the details.
I’m quickly realizing that errands aren’t always bad. If all future ones end like this one, I’ll be the first to volunteer for being a Plus One on your trips to wherever. That is the beauty of wine. It brings people together. After all, it was James Joyce who asked, What is better than to sit at the table at the end of the day and drink wine with friends, or substitutes for friends?”

There are several D’vine Wines throughout the DFW area. For complete details, please visit:

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