Fort Worth Date Night: Bon Faux-vi

by Michael Bloomberg
July 1, 2010

It was grade school. A classmate was celebrating a birthday and his mother brought cookies. I can specifically remember thinking that these looked like Oreos, but, after further inspection, were in fact, not Oreos. They were a knockoff.
It very much resembled Eddie Murphy’s story in his stand up. The one where his mom would make hamburgers and say it’s just like McDonald’s. When, in fact, it wasn’t even close to McDonald’s. The Golden Arches do not use green peppers and regular bread for their burgers.
And, how about the song, Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing? Coca Cola is so proud of their product they adopted this as their own in one of their marketing campaigns. Because truly, if you are Coke fan, their really is no comparison to the real thing.
I often subscribe to this theory. Especially when it comes to music. Even recently, when I headed to Concerts in the Garden to check out Bohemian Rhapsody: The Music of Queen. I went with no expectations and left being a bigger fan of Queen’s music than ever before. The singer that night, along with the Fort Worth Symphony, were so good. Our group was shocked that 2 hours had flown by and the entire Botanic Garden was standing, singing and partying as one.
On Thursday night, July 15, you may want to lock up the kids, tease the hair, break out the hairspray and head downtown to 8.0 Bar in Sundance Square. Around 7pm, a Bon Jovi tribute band, known as Dead or Alive, will take the stage. Dead or Alive is 100% all aboutBon Jovi. From their early album, Slippery When Wet to their latest release, Have a Nice Day, you can bet you’ll hear your favorite Bon Jovi hits.
According to the website,, Dead or Alive “captures Bon Jovi’s energy, look, and feel that is essential to any nationally touring tribute act. The band’s attention to detail both visually and musically is unmatched. The group is comprised of five seasoned musicians with many years of experience touring the country and world wide. Dead Or Alive takes you back to the glory days of big hair, huge sound, and wild nights!”

The real Bon Jovi once said, “This band is about two things – the music and the fans. This team we’re working with has given us the opportunity to share new music with our fans on every imaginable level – in person, on the radio, online and in theatres across the country.”
And the fans can’t get enough of this band as they have swept up over 120 million albums world-wide.
Whether it’s “Blaze of Glory” or “Livin’ on a Prayer” to “Bad Medicine” and “It’s My Life,” Dead or Alive is sure to cover all of your Bon Jovi favorites on Thursday, July 15. Just get there early, as this is sure to be a popular show. Of course, when you two are singing at the top of your lungs, try not to catch eyes during “You Give Love a Bad Name.”
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