Fort Worth Date Night: Getting out of the Downward Dog House

by Michael Bloomberg
September 29, 2010

It is often said that those who experience excitement and adrenaline together as a couple, keep an emotional bond for longer periods of time than those who don’t. Not every twosome is going to jump out of a plane, run a marathon or enjoy skiing. What about the couples who just love each other without the frills? Perhaps, they just need some time away, but with a quiet, peaceful, more solemn approach.

Friday evening, October 22, you will have the opportunity to become one with yourself, one with nature and, as a bonus, become one with each other. How can it be possible to become one with yourself and with another at the same time? If you have never experienced yoga in an outdoor setting, this will be your opportunity.

You might be asking, “What if we’ve never tried yoga before?” Perfect! This evening is for the inexperienced to the most advanced. Miranda Davis, of PerfectFit studio, in Fort Worth, is finally making a vision she’s had for years come to fruition with a workshop so aptly dubbed, “Full Moon Yoga.” An outdoor yoga workshop held during, from a weather point-of-view, one of the most amazing times of the year.

According to Davis, “I feel it is going to be a very intimate, creative, and celebratory time of Yoga practice. Every detail is very important from the playlist, to the mood, to the setting, aromatherapy used, type of tea served…etcetera. I want my participants to feel completely cared for in all aspects.”

Here’s how the evening will go for you two. Pre-registration is required and beginning promptly at 6:15pm, class will begin. All that is required is to wear comfortable clothing, a yoga mat, a large towel and water, if desired. This workshop is open to the public, but, is limited to 35 participants. While I personally think this will make a great date night, individuals are also welcome.

Think about this. You’ve had a long week. Maybe you haven’t seen much of each other. It’s time to reconnect. A quick change into some comfortable clothes and off you two go. And, according to the PerfectFit website, you will “allow nature to be a source of inspiration as we breathe, move and connect under the glowing gaze of the stars and a full moon. Invoke breathing techniques to slow down the mind, enhance awareness, and de-stress the body. This Viniyoga (therapeutic) practice will focus on opening our major muscles and joints via twists, bends, binds, deep holds, and soft flows. Our meditation time will include star gazing and positive visualizations. We wrap up our time with refreshing warm towel therapy and a calming cup of Zen tea.”

Now, picture yourself after. Fully relaxed. Completely simpatico with one another. All in the world is good. Absolutely no reason for arguments or disagreements. Because, according to one of my favorite philosophers, Anonymous, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.”

For complete details on Full Moon Yoga and PerfectFit, click on: or contact Miranda at

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