Fort Worth Date Night: Stirring the Pot

by Michael Bloomberg
September 2, 2010

A few summers ago, on a trip across Colorado, we randomly happened upon a local metal fair going on. Many artists creating the most amazing works out of steel, iron, aluminum and all other metals. Even better, since it was a fair, this meant that fair food was not far away.
It was here that I discovered the greatness of Kettle Corn. This is popcorn attentively cooked with both the predictable required salt, but, paired with the sweetness of sugar. A big bag was purchased followed immediately by a big bag of this amazing concoction disappearing. Equally impressive as the taste was the sheer size of what the Kettle Corn was prepared in.
I’m guessing it was a cast iron bowl with a diameter somewhere between three and four feet. I had never seen anything like it. Until recently, when I attended a paella party. The paella pan was easily three feet across. They say in Texas that “bigger is better.” When it comes to food, I tend to think that “better is better.”
On Friday night, September 10, there will be a paella party that only you are invited. Shhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone. It’s being held at D’Vine Wine in Grapevine. They refer to it as “Paella Night.” Others simply call is “YUM!”
What exactly is paella? Most definitions describe it as “a saffron-flavored Spanish dish made with varying combinations of rice, vegetables, meat, chicken, and seafood.” The paella pansin which this tasty dish is prepared run the gamut as to sizes.

A good rule of thumb is for a home stovetop, the maximum size is usually 20 or 22 inches. In an oven, the largest is usually 17 or 18 inches. A large outdoor grill can usually handle up to a 26 inch pan. If you’re looking for precise control over the heat and maximum flexibility, a gas paella burner is ideal, which can be used with any size pan up to 40 inches.

On the night of September 10, expect D’Vine Wine to impress you with their paella prowess. Planned for the evening is Paella Valenciana. A paella medley of chicken and a variety of seafood (shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, scallops, crab and fish), vegetables and, of course, saffron. A fresh green salad will accompany this tasty dish. And, please don’t forget where this is being held. There will be wine.

D’Vine is great because of their selection of wines, their knowledgeable (and super friendly) staff and reasonable and generous wine tastings. When you find one you like and just a glass won’t suffice, full bottles are available for purchase and can be enjoyed at their location or taken home for consumption at a later date.

You can expect this Date Night to cover all the senses:
Taste: Have I mentioned it’s paella?
Sight: Watch as the paella is prepared right in front of you by their official “Paella Chef.”
Sound: Listen as everyone in attendance will be laughing, drinking, eating and enjoying a perfect evening.
Touch: Sitting next to your culinary partner in crime, holding hands, lost in your surroundings.
Smell: Have I mentioned it’s paella?

D’Vine Wine is located in Grapevine at 409 S. Main St. To make reservations for Paella Night, please call 817.329.1011. Their website is:

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