Fort Worth Date Night: The Art of Date Night

by Michael Bloomberg
October 6, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is often used to describe that no one can truly define what is beautiful. It is a definition that only lies within ourselves. This term is most widely familiar with art.
Unless you are an artist, the thought of creating a masterpiece might seem unattainable. Picture a canvas marked up only by the tip of your brush hanging on your wall like it belonged in a gallery. It might even seem laughable that a house guest would ask when looking at said artwork, “Who is the artist of that piece?” Such joy you’ll have in replying, “That would be ME!”
A stone’s throw off of Camp Bowie at 5714 Locke Ave. lies a Date Night locale that is sure to inspire you both. It recently opened and is appropriately called, “A Piece of Work.” To give you an idea, they say it’s “where Merlot meets Masterpiece.” You two will be creating the art. What makes it “datey?” Wine, of course.
Actually, you bring the beverage of your choice. Food or snacks are even allowed. They will supply wine openers, ice buckets and cups. Complimentary water and soft drinks are always available. Do remember you must be 21 years old to consume alcoholic beverages.

The obvious “datey” part is the actual creation of your work of art. When you register, you will know beforehand what you will be creating. Their website has a picture which correlates to a particular day on the calendar. However, no artistic experience is required. A local artist will guide you step-by-step to create your own masterpiece to take home at the end of class.

This would make a great first date. Equally impressive would be for an anniversary. Here are the pros: Quality time together, meeting new and other fun couples like yourselves, having something to show for your time and energy, laughing, creating and just being. The cons: There are none. You might think getting paint on your clothes might be one. They’ve got you covered. Literally. Aprons are provided. So, get online and check out A Piece of Work. If you think you can’t do this or won’t be very good, think about what Ralph Waldo Emersonsaid, “Every artist was first an amateur.”

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