Fort Worth Date Night: The Date Night Buffet

by Michael Bloomberg
July 22, 2010

Mark Twain once joked, “It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a goodimpromptu speech.” As a big advocate of planning dates and/or Date Night, last-minute is good, too. Last week, I found myself craving dessert after an early dinner on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m not sure of the exact federal law, but, apparently, sweets taste better and are less fattening when you eat them across from someone. Seriously, look it up! Knowing this sweet toothwas quickly approaching, I texted my friend, Lindsey. Texting her to meet me for dessert is like the “In case of emergency, break glass” sign. What seemed liked hours (really 15 seconds), she responded with, “What are you thinking?” Thirty minutes later, about 5:30pm, we found ourselves at Central Market (I-30 & Hulen).

Let’s start with what I love about Central Market. I’m in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flips. Lindsey informed me that she’d be donning an “I’m a Pepper” t-shirt. A Halloween costume would have sufficed. Going out in public without getting dolled up is a bonus. As we enter, my mind started to wonder. What sugary concoction was going to be my conquest?

I opted for Tiramisu. It wasn’t as easy choice. Seriously, there are too many options and all are great. I walked around for about 10 minutes vacillating between the bakery showcase and the cooler next to it. Just back and forth. Forth and back. I’m guessing I probably had that look the first time a kid walks through the gates of Disney World.

We found ourselves upstairs at a table. Talking for a couple of hours, on a Sunday night, shoveling in dessert and not sure where the time went. Then, it hit me. Central Market is a hotel and spa away from being the mecca of date locales. Here’s my rationale. We’ve already covered the attire. It doesn’t matter if you go mid-week in the morning for fresh juice and a muffin. The food will be fresh and tasty and the atmosphere conducive to staying.

How about a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night? With Fridays and Saturdays being the Burgers and Bock series. You can sit outside, listen to a great band, eat dinner and have a drink (or several). What happens if you run out? Easy. Get up, go inside and you’re now faced with one of the best selections of beer and wine in the city.

Perhaps, your ideal date would be learning how to cook. Did I mention they have a first-classcooking school with a ton of class offerings? Or, perhaps, you can’t go at night. No worries, they even offer some lunch hour classes. These people have thought of everything.

Oh, yes, did I mention we even did an impromptu wine tasting on that Sunday night after dessert? I love this place so much I now office there a couple of days per week. Besides the free rent and complimentary wi-fi, if I get hungry or thirsty, I’m just a stone’s throw away from solving that problem.

So, the next time you guys can’t figure out what to do, you always have the ultimate impromptu destination in Central Market. Let’s say she is in the mood for a California Roll, a red velvetcupcake and a couple of glasses of Prosecco. Also, let’s not forget that before she leaves, she’ll need to pick up some fresh Buffalo Mozzarella and some hydrangeas. And he may be in the mood for a Margharita pizza, a couple bottles of Rahr Blonde Lager and a fresh chocolate chip cookie or just a slice of cheesecake for dessert. Whatever your culinary desires, Central Market can deliver. And, if you’ve just come from the gym or happen to be wearing pajamas with cowboy boots, no one will even bat an eye.

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