Date Night – Massage – August 2012

Rub-A-Dub-Dub! A Zen Date Night!
Fit For Life – Group Fitness Center (4608 Bryant Irvin Rd, Fort Worth – right next to Academy)
Friday, August 10, 2010
7:00pm – 7:30pm: Registration/Setup 
7:30pm – 10:30pm: Hand-on Couples Massage Class
10:30pm-11:00pm: Post Massage “Wine” Down
Have you spent all summer with the kids and looking for an outside-the-box Date Night?
Have you lost that connection and/or are looking for a way to increase your connection?
Have you wished your +1 could massage you as if he/she were a professional?

If you answered an emphatic “YES” to any of the above questions, this Date Night is for you.  You could pay thousands of dollars and take several months to learn how to massage like a professional masseuse.  Or, you and your significant other could learn everything you need to know in 3 hours.

This is not your run-of-the-mill “Date Night.”  You won’t wait until the last minute to plan.  You won’t have to dress up.  In fact, you’re encouraged to dress down.  Leave the nice clothes, the makeup and the planning at home.  It’s already done.  Just show up.

Couples often lose that connection.  We tend to go to the same three restaurants and hang out with the same three couples.  And, we often put the kids, our jobs and everything else before our relationship.  This Date Night might just fix that.  Like no other evening you have experienced, you and your +1 will learn how to massage like a Buddhist Massage Master.
Moving forward, when you ask, “Honey, would you rub my back?”… you will no longer hear the excuse of “I don’t know how.” Or, after five minutes, “My hands are tired.”  Besides leaving with a lifetime of knowledge of how to execute the perfect massage, both of you will leave with the equivalent of a 1.5 hour massage.  
On Friday evening, August 10, 2012, all you two have to do is show up.  From 7:00-7:30pm, you’ll show up for registration and the setting up of your mats.  You and your partner are each encouraged to bring a yoga mat.
As for what to wear, you are highly encouraged to be comfortable.  In past classes, couples have worn shorts and/or swimsuits.  You will be using massage oils, so, hands-on-skin will produce the maximum benefit of the massage.  Feel free to bring a long t-shirt and/or towel, as well. The room will be dimly lit and comfortably set with candles all around. 
At 7:30pm, the fun will begin.  Led by Nick Hadl and myself (see bios below), you will get lost in time and, perhaps, for the first time in ages, will be able to simply be selfish and focus on yourself…as well as, your partner.  A brief “Wine Down” will be offered after for those who want to relax even more than you will already be.
With only room for 20 couples, this is sure to sell out in a hurry.  Here are the easy steps in securing your spot.
1.  Send me a quick e-mail to letting me know you want to sign up and include both of your names.  Based on space, you have the option of purchasing this for one other couple at the time of purchase.  Please include their names, as well.  There will be no refunds.  However, transferring to another couple is absolutely fine.
2. You’ll then receive a PayPal invoice by e-mail.  Once you pay, I’ll be notified and will, in turn, send you a confirmation e-mail.  You will not be officially registered until you receive this confirmation.
Top 10 Reasons to Attend this Event!
10. A date where we just rub on each other???
 9. I don’t have to dress up or wear make up to go out?  Sign me up!
 8. You’ll both now have the knowledge of a zen massage master.
 7. For half the date, your only requirement is to lay still, breathe and be rubbed.
 6. For the price of a visit to a salon, you two can now practice on each other.
 5. Next to the obvious, the most fun you can have while on Date Night.
 4. Friday, August 10th, will appear and your Date Night will already be planned.
 3. You two will be one of a handful of couples who will experience this first-time event.
 2. You two will have an almost guarantee of how to stay connected moving forward.
 1. You & your +1 will officially be one of the coolest, most relaxed couples in town!
All the best!
Michael Bloomberg, best known as The Romance CEO, has planned some of the world’s greatest marriage proposals all over the world.  Bloomberg writes, speaks and consults on all that is romance and is often seen in the media.  He has a created a system called “date*night*ology” which helps couples reconnect and/or stay connected using Date Night.  He is currently being courted for a tv show, is working on several relationship books and one of his greatest joys in life is planning amazing dates for couples.
Nick Hadl has been in the massage and personal training industries for over 13 years. He has worked for Major League Baseball and also with professional dance companies, most notably, the Radio City Rockettes. In 2007, Hadl began working with TCU’s Athletic Department in developing a massage therapy course for Athletic Trainers. He currently has a private practice inside Ben Hogan Sports Medicine and often guest lectures at TCU.  Nick believes that massage is the easiest way for couples to stay connected.
A very special THANK YOU goes out to VELVET BOX and FIT FOR LIFE for sponsoring this event:

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