Last Half of 2013

If you spend any time on Facebook, the theme of “Bucket Lists” is a common concept people often discuss, blog or post about.  It really runs the gamut as to what these lists contain.

It’s really interesting.  I have never been a bucket list kind-of-guy.  Until recently.  There are so many things I would love to do.  It is also interesting that I have been very fortunate to have experienced many “bucket list” types of experiences without ever wishing for them.

Bora Bora

Several years ago, a production company contacted me about being a part of one-hour special being filmed for the TLC channel.  Before I knew it, I was headed across the Pacific Ocean for several days in Bora Bora.

Another opportunity that came about was jumping out of a plane.  Again, not something I was yearning to do.  That came about by snagging up a Groupon.  A couple of months later, I was with a group of about twenty, including my intern celebrating her 21st birthday, and out of a perfectly good plane we jumped.

When the beginning of July rolled around, it hit me in the face that this year is not only half over…it is flying by!  It has been a huge year from a business aspect and tons of great opportunities have crossed my path.

In my ever-exploring world of trying new things and wanting to achieve more, both personally and professionally, balance is something I have been focused on.  Lots of work, but lots of fun, too.  In doing so, I recently sat down and thought about some things I have never done.  Most are pretty common.

With the reminder of the six months left in the year, I thought I could easily make these happen by the year’s end.  If you have suggestions or can make these happen, I’m all ears.

1. Karaoke. The thought of this is frightening.  I have done live tv.  I regularly speak in front of audiences, sometimes upwards of 300-400 people.  I cannot sing.  It’s even apparent in the shower that my voice sucks. So, the notion of getting up in front of others to butcher a great song, makes absolutely no sense to me.  Regardless, I feel like it needs to be done.  I’m guessing “Happy Birthday” won’t count???

2. New York City.  I know; I know.  In 8 1/2 years of planning marriage proposals, probably 90% have taken place in New York City.  It truly is the destination proposal capital of the world.  I have been to New York, just never to the city.  With friends who live there, business meetings needed to be had and wood-burning oven pizza that has to be tried, this year will be the year.

3. A handstand.  This is just odd.  Here’s the deal.  I’m friends with a lot of yogis on Facebook.  They are constantly posting pics of themselves in the strangest, contorted positions.  Quite frankly, If I’m going to be doing a pretzel…it will be chocolate-covered and placed in my mouth.  However, I have much respect for the dedication and determination this group shares.  And the bodies they obtain and maintain.  Lately, many have been posting their handstands.  This is what I’d like to do.  An unassisted (no wall) handstand that is held for 5 seconds.  Once that is achieved…I’d like to master the walking handstand…while eating a chocolate-covered pretzel.

4. Fries cooked in duck fat.  Cooking is one of my favorite past times.  While I love to splurge when dining out, cooking healthy is more my style.  Watching Food Network is like a drug.  I can watch Chopped for hours.  Often on cooking shows, duck fat is used as the fat of choice.  In several restaurants I’ve been to recently, fries cooked in duck fat have been an option.  It sounds so good!  Perhaps, this will get bumped to before the handstand.  I believe it will be easier to achieve.

5. Skinny Dipping.  I probably should have gone while in Bora Bora…off of my private “hut on stilts.”  This would have made for a much better story.  I’m not sure why this is on the list?  Or, why I’ve never done it?  It just seems like everyone should say they have done so at least once in their life.  Since I like to aim high, I’m going to shoot for an ocean.  Or a sea.  Preferably, a warm one.

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  1. Erin Douglas says:

    Thinking you should do all of these things in NYC on the same day?
    The water isn’t so warm…
    Ps: skinny dipping is so liberating and peaceful!

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