To Shoot or Not To Shoot: Capturing Your Marriage Proposal!

Do you have any idea what this couple is discussing?

Does this look like a couple having an argument outside of a gym?

Does this look like a marriage proposal?

Ginger Zee - proposal

Would you believe that this is one of the most popular morning television personalities in America?  Yes, this is none other than ABC’s Good Morning America meteorologist, Ginger Zee.

Ginger Zee twitter

Via Twitter

Full disclosure…I LOVE Ginger Zee! She has the unique ability to be great at what she does and, through a television, makes you feel like you know her.

Recently, on GMA, Ginger shared her actual marriage proposal pic.  Yep…the picture at the top is the only shot of Ginger getting engaged…and in “I just came from the gym” clothes.  I believe a viewer actually caught this shot.  I’d like to thank Ginger for sending this pic.  She refers to this as the “Worst. Picture. Ever.”  Her words; not mine.

When I first start working with a client, we discuss his/her ideas and I try to learn about the person being asked.  Much to many’s surprise, I don’t just throw out ideas.  It’s a dynamic process and takes a while to formulate a great proposal.  However, there is one element I introduce early in the working relationship and that is hiring a professional photographer to capture the marriage proposal.

You may have seen our recent blog post of Chris + Yuri’s Marriage Proposal.  The pictures are such a great example of what a well-executed marriage proposal looks like.  For those who missed it, click here or the picture for another look:


This is why capturing the marriage proposal is so important.  You don’t have to be a celebrity, but she will think you are a rock star when she finds out you hired a professional photographer to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment.  Know that as soon as he takes a knee, she’s going to stop listening.  Having the pictures will be a great reminder of how it happened.

While you can’t really put a price on your proposal, hiring a photographer for a couple of hours is not as expensive as you think.  A cursory internet search for photographers in the area where the proposal will happen and you will have many photogs to choose from.  Once you know your date and location, start contacting them for price and availability.

There are four must-have pics that make for a great engagement series.
1) Have the photographer take pictures of the venue or the “popping of the question” location.
2) Get some paparazzi-style shots of the couple walking in.
3) You have to have the down-on-one-knee pic. Duh!
4) And, finally, the official, post-celebratory “She said ‘YES!” pic.

The following are a few examples of past clients’ proposals. No matter where your proposal takes place in the world, properly capturing the engagement with a professional photographer is a MUST-HAVE!

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Fort Worth, TX




Tiffany & Co.
New York, New York

006_Nikki_Riley_Engagement (1)
015_Nikki_Riley_Engagement (1)


032_Nikki_Riley_Engagement (1)

Nasher Sculpture Center
Dallas, TX


Please don’t leave it up to chance that a stranger will be walking by with a camera and get you down on one knee.  Or, even worse, not getting you down on one knee.  If you thought that simply the giving of the ring makes a proposal or snapping a closeup of the ring afterwards is enough, you’re right.  It won’t make or break whether you get a “YES!” or not.  However, a little planning and a little budget can turn your proposal into a PROPOSAL!

If you or someone you know is thinking about popping the question, please get a copy of The 24-Hour Proposal and visit: