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I need your help.  I need your help to achieve a professional goal. I’ve been traveling down a path for the last ten years that had never been seen. Now, I begin to travel down another professional path that has been even less traveled.

Public speaking first found me not long after following this crazy dream I launched in January of 2005. After all, I was working with clients all over the world helping them create their dream marriage proposals. It was a pretty cool story.

Fast forward ten years and speaking is no longer a side project. It is an actual tangible piece of me. A real talk with a real message. Yes, it still includes the story of how my dream came to fruition and everything you’d ever want to know about what a successful marriage proposal looks like. However, the real message is the importance of having a great story to tell. Even more important, how crucial your life is that you give someone a great a story to tell. There is no better example of giving another a great story to tell than that of a marriage proposal.

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So what can you or your organization learn from these amazing selfless acts of service I’ve witnessed the last ten years? I’m excited to announce a new team building “experience” that has launched titled “Get Engaged!” I call this an “experience” because most have either never been part of the planning of a dream proposal or have always wanted to be a voyeur into the planning process. However, it’s so much bigger than that.

Like you, I have been part of team buildings where the intent was good, yet the execution was a disappointment. The last thing a team leader wants is for their team to be brought together by the commonality of hating something. Especially, if that object of dissatisfaction is the very thing intended to bring their team together. I am 100% sure I have solved this problem. And I’m wanting to help you. In return, I am asking for your help.

In late 2014, I made the decision to become a professional speaker. Yes, I had ten years behind me speaking to various organizations, colleges, associations, chambers, businesses and all other groups. Something was missing. That element was the knowledge of what it looked like behind the scenes of running a professional speaking business. To gain this insight, there was only one place I could go. The National Speakers Association (NSA). In particular, the North Texas chapter. One of the strongest chapters in the country and one which I have found friends, mentors and those who are doing it big time.

A little background. I joined NSA as a Candidate Member.  To become a Professional Member, there are certain requirements, most notably, 20 paid talks or trainings in a calendar year. My goal is to complete this by August 31, 2015. Rather than 20 keynotes, I am going to achieve this professional dream by completing 20 Get Engaged! Team Buildings. In return, I want to give something back and make sure you receive far more than you give.

After researching and speaking with corporate HR professionals, meeting with college professionals, feedback from corporate event planners and speaker bureau owners, this team building program, depending on customization, will launch in the fall somewhere between $7500 and $12,500 (Keep reading).

Here’s how it’s going to play out:
This is a half-day high-end, innovative unique training that hits all parts of a successful team building as you know it. The 4 C’s. Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Credibility. Get Engaged! includes all four of these. It also encompasses learning while evoking Empathy and Emotion. The two most important factors for remembering experiences. It is safe to say that this is not being offered anywhere in the world. Your team will never forget this Get Engaged! experience.

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It all starts with a short foundational keynote. This is crucial for two reasons. 1. Your team needs to understand the importance of giving someone a great story to tell. Are your employees telling great stories about their own company? Or their coworkers? Or their boss? 2. You need to understand what a dream marriage proposal looks like before breaking up into groups. This isn’t simply throwing a few ideas down and, poof, here’s your proposal. I often work with clients for months to plan their dream marriage proposal. This keynote gets your team into the right mindset before breaking into the team building.

What should we expect to experience during Get Engaged?
After breaking up into groups, the teams will each get a sealed dossier containing information about the couple for whom they are planning the dream proposal. Having been a part of hundreds of proposals, this is the point where your heart starts racing with excitement knowing you are in on something that is going to change someone’s life exponentially. The actual experience looks like this:
*Foundational Keynote
*Intro to Program
*Teams Plan a Dream Proposal
*Presentation Development
*Group Presentations
*Co-facilitated debrief to move forward and apply the takeaways specific to your group.

What takeaways should we expect from this program?
Too many to list. Here’s just a few:
*Working together to maximize your organization’s strengths
*Working within time constraints
*Competition (applicable when broken up into multiple teams)
*Learning the ultimate lesson in dividing and conquering
*Listening skills
*Putting others first
*Presentation skills
*Tapping into your team’s hidden creativity
*The importance of giving your customers, association, patients, students, employees, etc. a great story to tell
*And so much more!

Let’s get to the best part. You are helping me achieve my dream of becoming a Professional Member of the National Speaker Association. In return, I am going to guarantee your team comes together like never before and moves forward with a bond never experienced before through traditional team building.

I am only offering 10 5 of these workshops at this time. Here is what you will need to be considered:
*A half day with your team of 5 – 60 people.
*Permission to photograph and videotape. (not all sessions will be recorded)
*If you are more than satisfied, your willingness to be interviewed in the future by the media (not all will be interviewed)
*A raving testimonial upon completion and after your expectations have been exceeded.
*$500. Yep, that’s it.
*Even better, if your organization provides the video services, your total fee is $250. No catch.
*This program must be scheduled and completed by August 31, 2015.
*Your organization is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (or Austin). If you are outside of this area, please contact me for more details.

Who can most benefit from the Get Engaged! Team Building?
All teams. Seriously. Along with HR departments, Sales and Marketing departments, here are a few groups/industries who have already expressed interest:
Corporate, Education, Associations, Non-profit, Real Estate, Title Companies, Financial/Banking, Hospitality, Medical, Churches, Retail, Law Offices, etc. Also perfect for Leadership and Executive Retreats.

That’s it. I have not been this excited since launching my company in 2005. If you know your organization would like to be one of the ten to benefit from this one-of-a-kind experiential team building, please contact me at: info(at) If you know of others who might be interested, please feel free to forward this page or post on social media. I look forward to working with you and watching your team Get Engaged!


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