The Science of using Date Night to reconnect or stay connected.


It happens to all of us…

You’re busy, tired and distracted. You’ve spent so much time and energy building the perfect career and family that you feel burned out. Bills pile-up, children grow, career demands increase and before you know it, you have let your relationship slide. Connection seems like an outdated idea that no longer fits in your schedule. You suddenly realize that your relationship needs a boost, but you don’t know where to start.


Are you ready to reclaim your relationship? Do you remember what it felt like the moment you two met?

Not long after starting a niched marriage proposal event planning company, I began to hear from the already spoken-for. “I know you help guys plan marriage proposals, but, what about (fill in the blank)?” Soon, I was assisting in the planning of birthdays, anniversaries, fun weekends away and creative Date Nights for couples.

For over three years, I had a blast writing a weekly column, Date Night, for the Fort Worth Business Press. Every week, I would highlight a fun, outside-the-box restaurant, event or activity. Out of this experience, readers began to e-mail weekly asking me to actually plan unique Date Night events, beginning to shed light on their lack of time for connection.


Military-tested; Counselor-approved

It was also during this time that my life changed by a fortunate invitation.  I was invited to create a workshop for a group of brave deployed soldiers who had recently returned home. My assignment: Help them reconnect with their significant others. Since then, I have worked with hundreds of military couples and continue to do so through non-profits and the military directly.


It was after this work with the military when I discovered that, not only guys needed help, but couples needed help. date•night•ology™ is a proven concept that grew out of my discovery through writing, speaking and working with thousands of couples. Plain and simple…couples stop dating.


Often, the best times of a relationship are in the beginning. You are excited about each other. One person is being courted. Planning dates, fun outings and making time for each other are like breathing. So, why do we stop what is the best part of a relationship? That is the million dollar question.

Perhaps the “why” is not as important as the “how.” That is where this unique course comes in. date•night•ology™ was created to quickly help you two reconnect and, more importantly, stay connected. It does this through a series of specific Date Nights that you two create together and, then, go on in a specific order weekly for ten weeks. It’s that simple.

One other thing: This program has received an enthusiastic stamp of approval from countless licensed counselors. So much so that this program is now recommended by licensed marriage and family counselors. Because of this, this e-course also includes a weekly list of brief, yet, specific questions to answer separately within 24 hours of going on your weekly date. If you are in counseling, simply bring these questions with you, already answered, and your counselor will take it from there. If not in counseling, set aside some time each week to discuss your answers with your partner. Your real connection happens as you learn more about your partner.


Based on the other couples who have participated in this e-course or attended a date•night•ology™ workshop and utilized the method, words like “connection” and “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” are sure to follow. More importantly, you two will remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Are you ready to reclaim your relationship, but still have questions? So did others. Here are the most popular:

How does this program work?

Super simple. Every week, you’ll receive an e-mail. Inside will contain instructions for the week’s date. Then, it’s time to start planning.

When will my weekly e-mail arrive?

The first Date Night e-mail will arrive right after you sign up. It also includes a welcome e-mail along with instructions for the whole program. Then, each Date Night e-mail will arrive exactly 7 days after the previous. You can’t jump ahead and you can’t get behind.

What happens if we have to skip a week?

I hope you don’t. Things come up. I get it. If you HAVE to skip a week, I recommend rescheduling as soon as possible. Momentum is everything in this program.

Do you tell us what date to go on?

Yes and no. Each week’s Date Night has a “theme.” However, I never tell you what to do or how to plan. You two plan within each week’s theme. I can’t reveal too much. It will ruin the surprise and anticipation you’ll have each week wondering what date you’ll be planning next.

Do we have to live in Texas to participate in this program?

Living in Texas only makes you that much cooler. However, you can live anywhere in the world provided you have the internet and can receive e-mails.

What if we are not in counseling?

Perfect. The majority of couples I’ve worked with are not or have not been in counseling. However, the average couple waits six years after they are having problems to first see a counselor. You are not an average couple.

What if we are very much in love and aren’t having relationship issues?

Outstanding. Think of this program like having a gym membership. Having a gym membership does not make you healthy. Working out once every few months does not get you in shape. This program will get your relationship in tip-top shape.

If we are in counseling, what should we tell our therapist?

Tell him/her you have decided to make your relationship a priority. Absolutely share the date•night•ology information and have him/her reach out to me, should there be questions.

If our therapist asks, what kind of weekly questions are we answering?

They are considered Solution-focused or Motivational Interview questions. Very positive stuff. No negativity in this program. We are only looking forward.

Can we do this with other couples?

It would be best if you committed to the ten weeks as a couple. It doesn’t mean you can’t see other couples during this period. However, the date•night•ology Date Nights should be planned and gone on with only the two of you. If you love the program, then absolutely tell all of your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors about it. And share on social media.

Do you have to be married to participate in this program?

Not at all. While this is not counseling, think about how many couples go through premarital counseling. Just another tool to help build on your relationship’s foundation.

What happens after ten weeks?

You ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Seriously, when you commit to the ten weeks, you will feel a huge shift in your relationship. As far as your relationship with me goes, I’d like to think of this as just the beginning. One of the perks of completing all ten weeks is that you will receive an invitation to a private Facebook group. No fee. I have always had this dream of a virtual community of couples, from around the world, who go through this program and then begin to move forward as a couple, using their creativity to bring their relationship even closer. Through this private group, you and other couples from across the globe will share your creative dates and secrets you’ve discovered along the way so that we all continue to strive to being the best couple possible.


“We are ready to fall in love all over again! Sign us up for the date•night•ology™ e-course!”

ONLY: $79

During this program, you will receive e-mails from “Michael Bloomberg” {datenight (at) theromanceceo (dot) com}. Please make sure  to open the INITIAL e-mail and click on the COMFIRMATION LINK to begin receiving e-mails. Also, please add the above e-mail address to your address list and check your Spam if you don’t receive your weekly e-mails during this program.

“I wish (Michael) would plan all of our dates…”
To read more about one of Michael’s date•night•ology™ success stories, click here!

“Michael Bloomberg, The Romance CEO. The title fits perfectly. I wish he would plan all of our dates, but alas as he taught us planning the date is part of the date and we have learned that sometimes planning the date is more fun than the date itself! Hubby and I have dates planned out for the next month, and we cherish these times as we fully understand that we might not have them next month or next year.You see we went to one of Michael’s workshops after my husband had returned from a one year deployment to Iraq. Our love was still blooming, but with four kids in the mix and just returning from Iraq time was precious for everyone. Hubby and I were busy with the kids and learning to reconnect as a family. We were not making time for ‘just us’.After hanging out with Michael for a few hours and being reminded of how we fell in love and how fun our dates were when we were courting, we knew it was time to get back on track! And we did even though we lived in a small town with not much to do. Michael showed us techniques on how to make the most mundane date fun, the key factor being EACH OTHER.

As with all good love stories, things come along and get in the way of date night, in our case, Afghanistan. Never fear, with Michaels words lingering in the backs of our minds we had the best deployment ever (oxymoron?). I received love letters from my husband almost every day for one year! Each phone call was precious. Hubby made me feel like I was the most important thing in his life even though we were separated by thousands of miles and he was in a war zone. I couldn’t wait to send him the next care package and I only hoped I was making him feel the same way.

Hubby has been home from Afghanistan for 4 months, we have moved to another country and we continue to have the best date nights ever, and they typically happen once a week. As Michael reminded us – make time for the one you love – you picked them for a reason, don’t let life get in the way and never forget what that reason was.

Married 18 years to the love of my life and still going strong – “

Trish Siegrist