Several years ago, couples would often write me after reading my Date Night weekly column in the Fort Worth Business Press. The letters would often start the same, “Mike, I read your column every week and we love your suggestions, but, do you think you can plan a fun, outside-the-box Date Night for a bunch of couples? You plan it, we sign up, show up and then have a blast!”

Ask and ye shall receive. As time allows, I put together these Date Nights for a handful of couples. Every time I plan one, the goal is to make it an event that is casual, something a couple may have never done and, most important, a little bit of quality time allowing the couple to simply enjoy each other.

A few of the recent Date Nights have included:

A unique Valentine’s Day outing at a painting studio. The theme was “A Tuscan Valentine’s.” Couples enjoyed Italian hors d’oeuvres, Italian wine and, in three hours, each attendee drew a masterpiece called “Tuscan Sunrise.”

Many of us are working longer hours than ever before which leaves little time for one another. The Couples Massage Class was designed for the couple who really can only be alone when it is time for bed. Taught by a licensed massage therapist, couples learned how to massage like the pros and left with a skill that will truly help them stay connected the rest of their lives.

When couples requested “outside-the-box”…this Date Night might take the cake. Mixology 101 was held at a real bartending school taught by a certified bartending instructor. By the end of the night, the couples knew how to maneuver behind the bar like a real mixologist, the bartender jargon, how to make the most popular cocktails and many extremely cool shots.

Due to a busy schedule, these events only pop up a few times each year. To learn about future Date Night events, please sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know!

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