Hi. I’m Michael Bloomberg. My friends call me “Mike.” Yes, I know there is another “Michael Bloomberg.” Since I know you are going to ask, we are not related…that I know of. I do have several friends who refer to me as “Mayor.”

Not many people get to say “I LOVE what I do!” I have the best job in the world. It’s not really a job. It’s an honor… or a privilege…or all of the above. Helping couples create a story is my job description. Someone please pinch me. I wish I had known my whole life that I would “grow up” to be The Romance CEO.

I am a lifelong resident of Fort Worth, TX, also known as “Cowtown.” I started An Exclusive Engagement, the first marriage proposal consulting company, for two reasons. I was always the “Go-To” guy for family and friends when it came to coming up with unique ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, first dates, etc. Second, many years ago, I helped a friend come up with his dream proposal. From that night, I knew that was my calling.

When not planning the world’s most romantic occasions and scenarios, I can be found at the gym, on a patio with friends or in the kitchen perfecting my next career of “Wannabe future Food Network Star.”

I am also passionate about giving back to the city of Fort Worth, TX. An advocate of the youth, I stay actively involved with several non-profits whose primary focus is to protect and assist those less fortunate.

I have had the honor of working on several Habitat for Humanity builds.

One of the best aspects of being The Romance CEO is the opportunity to meet and work with amazingly wonderful people across the world. Among my favorite is any opportunity to work with our brave men and women in the military. It was such an honor to speak and hold a date•night•ology™ workshop for a room full of Army soldiers, who had recently returned from combat, and their spouses. The military holds these weekends to help these couples reconnect.

This particular workshop was actually held on the anniversary of September 11 in Austin, Texas.
Talk about being humbled to be in the presence of such brave men and women.

Then there are the opportunities where I don’t even take the time to think and just said, “YES!” When two of the world’s most well-known brands, MasterCard and Sam’s Club, teamed up to promote their engagement rings and fine jewelry, there was only one person they could contact. I was hired by these two companies to be a co-spokesperson, along with Supermodel, Niki Taylor. Together, we did print, radio and television promotions. Customers took pictures and picked my brain to plan their perfect proposal!

Niki Taylor broke every stereotype of a Supermodel…smart, funny and super sweet.
She was more beautiful on the inside than out.

I started my business many years ago with just a hunch. It began as a flicker of passion. A gut feeling. Since then, I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people, touch many lives and make a difference. It has also taught me that sometimes we just have to make the leap… much like the decision to get engaged. Here is another prime example.

You have not experienced life until you have jumped out of a plane at 13,500 feet
and dropped to the earth at 140mph!

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