The Science of Creating Your Dream Marriage Proposal

Two things happen when someone first announces they are engaged. First, her arm is practically ripped out of socket when her hand is yanked to see “the ring.” Then, what happens next? Yes, you guessed it. The question that everyone ALWAYS asks. “How did it happen?”

This is where it often gets awkward. If it was not a great proposal, many times, she will start making excuses before she even answers the question. “Oh, it was sweet.” Or, “Oh, he tries.” It is actually very sad.

This should be the moment that her face lights up and begins to share this fairytale proposal that will make her friends jealous and the story will start to be passed along as if it were a viral video on the internet. And, you, the asker, will be the Rock Star! She deserves a story to tell. My clients get a story to tell.

There is not a cookie cutter approach to planning the perfect marriage proposal. Much like fingerprints, each proposal is unique. Why shouldn’t they be? You are unique. The person being asked is unique. As a couple, you are unique. Together, there is no one else like you. No one shares your story, your history or your journey.

This where the process starts. Me…working with you…getting to know her…so that the marriage proposal is like no one before and no other to follow. A marriage proposal is all about who is being asked and has very little to do with who is doing the asking. This why my clients are excited to share “how it happened.” Forget the ring; ask me about my proposal!

Interesting tidbit:
I founded the niche of marriage proposal consulting and the concept of proposal•ology™ by accident. Many, many years ago, I reconnected with a college friend. One of the first things out of his mouth was, “I think I found her and I think I’m going to ask her to marry me.” “How are you going to ask,” was my next question. “I have no clue,” he looked at me inquisitively. The majority of that night I helped him come up with a plan to pop the question. More importantly, I went home that night and thought, “How fun would this be to do for a living? But, with clients from all over the world and the proposals taking place all over the globe.” The rest, as they say, is history.

A few of my most memorable proposals include:

Tiffany & Co | New York City, NY

A whirlwind weekend starting in Dallas, TX. A limo arrived filled with a continental breakfast, a CD of their favorite music and a dress from Neiman Marcus wrapped in a box. Then, off to NYC to check-in at the Mandarin Oriental. After an afternoon of spa treatments, it was back to the room to get dressed and off to dinner. But, first, a stop at Tiffany & Co. Months of planning led up to this amazing proposal which culminated at this world-famous jeweler on 5th Avenue.

Bora Bora Nui Resort | Bora Bora

Thinking he was 6000 miles away filming a movie, a school teacher took a friend up on an offer when the friend “allegedly” won a trip through Tahiti’s Department of Tourism. What she didn’t know was that he was at the same resort waiting to pop the question. Thinking her friend was taking her on a birthday cruise with dinner on an uninhabited island, she was shocked when he popped up from behind a chair at a table just next to the crashing waves while the sun was setting. He got down on bended knee for this fairytale proposal for a show called Outrageous Proposals which aired on TLC.

Waldorf Astoria | New York City, NY

The way this couple came together was a story made for a romance novel. They met in 6th grade and never dated. Many years later, their paths crossed when their teenage sons played sports against each other. Friendship turned to dating which turned into a marriage proposal. The proposal took place in New York City at the worldfamous, Waldorf Astoria. The highlight was having a few of her favorite songs dedicated to her by a private pianist playing on the Cole Porter piano which sits permanently in the Cocktail Terrace of the Waldorf.

“Every minute was well-thought and
very personal…”
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“As I began to think about how I would ask Kim to marry me, I realized that I had no idea of how to create a truly special event that we would remember forever. I thought about a nice dinner, perhaps a limo ride. But that had all been done before. I briefly thought about trying to propose while we would be on a business trip in Washington, DC, but because of my job, I really didn’t have the time to set up something like that.

Enter Mike Bloomberg. I contacted him after seeing his website and we began to brainstorm about how to create a special moment that Kim and I would always remember. I mentioned the DC idea and possibly proposing in the room that houses the Hope Diamond. He took that idea and ran with it. Before I could turn around, Mike had researched the museum, found a great restaurant for dinner to follow the proposal, spoken with the hotel regarding some personalized attention we needed to top the night off and he also was able to recommend a couple of great gift ideas for that evening that would create even more special memories.

At that point, I knew that Mike and I were creating the perfect engagement and that Kim would definitely be surprised and impressed. Everything went off without a hitch and Kim was surprised and just glowing about all the attention to detail that made the day special. I never hesitated in telling Kim about all of the work that Mike had done to pull off the special day. She was impressed that a) I could admit that I needed help, b) I wanted to make the event so memorable, and c) that Mike did what he did.

Thanks, Mike, for all of your hard work. You are not only great at what you’ve chosen to do career-wise, but I consider you to be a great friend.

Thanks again!”

“How does that joke go? “I don’t need a husband, I need a wife.” Well, Mike Bloomberg may not be ‘the wife’ but he sure has the forward thinking and romantical (my own word) ideas that I don’t even think a woman could come up with!

A man that seeks help, is a man to me. My fiancé, Joel Fox, recognizes that memories and milestones are important. He also recognizes that his time is valuable and in order to arrange one of our very first milestones – our engagement – he knew he would need some help. There are details to a proposal, but there are certain ‘personal touches’ that are imperative. There is intricate planning, thought and behind the scenes.

Enter – MIKE BLOOMBERG. A friend through and through, more so – a plethora of ideas and suggestions. Not to mention the number of contacts at his disposal. Two brains are better than one (and let’s face it, ladies, our men our brilliant, but at times – a little help never hurts, right??).

And where do I begin? (sigh) I just don’t know – EVERY minute was well-thought and very personal. Maybe there are some guys that would be ashamed or embarrassed to utilize a service such as Mike Bloomberg’s. And that’s ok. I’ll tell you one thing though – the only guys I know that are embarrassed now are the one’s that hear about my engagement.
I want to hear of one that tops my Joel’s. And we have Mike to thank.

My only question – who’s going to plan Mike’s proposal?


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