Chocolate For Two: A Date Night for Adult Palates Only!


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Are you ready for a break from being with the kids all summer?

Do your eyes roll in the back of your head when you read Chocolate + Alcohol?

Did you know that chocolate is actually an aphrodisiac?

Ever had the chance to learn the art of truffle making from an international chocolatier?


Who: DFW’s Biggest Chocolate Lovers

When: Saturday, August 23 (6-9pm)

Where: Z’s Cafe (1116 Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, 76104)

Why: To Learn All About Chocolate & the Art of Chocolate Making

How (much): $129.00/couple


You two will share a night of learning the fine art and craft of all things chocolate, what makes a chocolate good or bad and a hands-on workshop on creating chocolate truffles that you’ll want to frame or put in a catalog…but, in reality, will devour!

This is not your mom and dad’s Date Night.  You see…each of your creations will include some adult beverage.  And just for a kick (literally), one of your works of chocolate art will include habanero.  We are literally going to “spice up” your relationship!  And the best part…you two will leave with a generous box of your homemade chocolate creations!

Your chocolate-making line-up for the evening!

1. Amaretto Truffle 
2. Shiraz Truffle (wine courtesy of Kent & Co. Wines)
3. Chambord Truffle (Wild Raspberry liqeur)
4. Habanero Truffle
5. Couples’ Choice (Attendees will vote upon arriving & the winner will be the 5th truffle)
The nominees are:
A. Crown Royal Truffle
B. Ugly Pug Black Lager Truffle (Rahr Brewery)
C. Cinnamon Schnapps Truffle

yelibelly chocolates

Session One: Chocolate 101
Yeli Marshall, of Yelibelly Chocolates, will guide you through all that is chocolate.  How chocolate is made to what makes chocolate “good” or “bad.”  You will learn terms like molds, blooming and ganache. Even cooler, how chocolate becomes a work of art…while still tasting like Manna from Heaven!

Session Two: Hands-on Chocolate Masterpiece
Be thinking of the pottery scene in Ghost…but with chocolate.  O.K,, so maybe not that graphic, but this will be an experience you two will never forget.  Chocolate truffles that you have only seen in catalogues or given to you in a stunning box will now be made with your own hands.  You and your +1…Chocolate Art-eests!

Session Three: Professional Tasting
Do you know the difference between chocolates?  You can only learn by tasting.  We’ll guide you through the nuances of chocolate through a flight tasting of chocolates.  Along the way, you two will become self-proclaimed experts.


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For the first time ever, Yeli & Michael are offering this one-of-a-kind couples’ Date Night.  Grab your +1 and register.  Only 15 couples will get to enjoy this one-time unique night out!

To make your reservation, please click on the Pay Now link. You will officially secure your spot when you receive an e-mail confirmation.


Yeli Marshall, Yelibelly Chocolates
Yelibelly Chocolates is an award-winning, artisan chocolate company located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have been making amazing, flavor-infused truffles since 2009.

About our chocolates:
Each of our chocolates and flavor-infused ganaches are hand crafted in small batches using natural ingredients. No preservatives are used in our chocolates. Real cream and butter is used in each batch of ganache and you will be able to taste the difference!  We are definitely not scared to mix alcohol or spices with our hand-crafted, world-class ganache. Your palate will thank you later!



Generous Sponsor:

Kentandco_wines_logoWe would like to give a giant THANK YOU to Corrie Watson and Kent & Co. Wines for their generous offer to supply everyone with some tasty BUBBLY that pairs so well with all of the super tasty truffles!