When it comes to your relationship, do you…

Even have dates anymore?

Hear this every Saturday afternoon? “I don’t know…what do you want to do?”

Hang out with the same 3 couples and eat at the same 3 restaurants?

Date Night 1

Where: Tbd
What:   date•night•ology™ Relationship Workshop
When:  Tbd
Price:   Tbd

You might be busy, tired and distracted. You might have spent time and energy building the perfect career and family that you feel burned out. Bills pile up, children grow, career demands increase and before you know it, you have let your relationship slide. Romance seems like an outdated idea that no longer fits in your schedule. You suddenly realize that your relationship needs a boost, but you don’t know where to start.

In this one-day only, unique event, you and your significant will discover:

* How to have (and KEEP) a regular schedule of Date Nights

* Planning Date Nights that are “outside-the-box” and won’t break the bank

* Why you have to disconnect before you can connect

* New ways to think of Date Night (they don’t have to happen at night)

* The 5 topics NEVER to discuss during your Date Night

* Creative Date Nights designed to keep you two connected

* And MUCH, MUCH more!

Michael Bloomberg, The Romance CEO, is the creator of date•night•ology™, the science of using Date Night to reconnect and/or stay connected.  Bloomberg will be your host and will guide you in this workshop-style presentation.

You will leave this workshop as a connected couple with a plan…and with the reassurance that this will be your best year yet as a couple!

Michael Bloomberg, The Romance CEO, founder of the RomanceRocks! e-newsletter, has been featured on TLC, The New York Times, DailyCandy, NBC, The CW and quoted in hundreds of media interviews.  Along with his interpersonal and communication expertise, he is the world’s leading expert on the marriage proposal, conducts his date·night·ology™ workshop for couples to help them reconnect and his greatest joy in life is seeing couples in healthy, happy relationships.