Get Clear; He’ll Appear


Are you tired of spending weekends alone?

Do you keep attracting the same wrong guys?

Have you given up hope that “he” even exists?


Who: Awesome Single Women (from 18-88)

When: TBD

Where: TBD

Why: To Start Attracting Your Dream Partner

How (much): $

The fact is that there are an abundance of funny, smart, attractive single women in this world.  I’m sure you often hear, “Why are you single?”  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple answer? 

Get Clear; He’ll Appear was created out of necessity.  Michael Bloomberg, The Romance CEO, finally grew tired of spending countless hours listening to amazing, single females tell of their dating woes.  Bloomberg  combines his interpersonal and communication expertise along with his subjective view as a single guy and has discovered where so many great available women are making mistakes and getting in their own way.

In this workshop-style presentation, just a few of the secrets you will unlock are:

  • Getting clarity on the qualities of your ideal partner
  • The relationship between your mindset and attracting the right partner
  • How what you do on Facebook could be hurting your search for a partner
  • The 5 motivations behind wanting a relationship (Only 1 is healthy)
  • The REAL secrets to the best online profile
  • How to “break up” with someone you’ve only gone out with once or twice
  • The connection between your internal dialogue and finding your dream partner
  • How to manifest EXACTLY who you are looking for…and is looking for you
  • Unlearning your “story”…and how to reprogram a new truth that works in your favor
  • And much, much more!

Whether you are single, know someone who is single, have been single for a long time or newly single, this interactive workshop is not to be missed.  Grab your girlfriends, your book club, your tennis buddies or come alone.  There are only handful of spots available! 

Must be pre-paid and no refunds.  To guarantee your spot, please e-mail me via the Contact page.


Michael Bloomberg, The Romance CEO, founder of the RomanceRocks! e-newsletter, has been featured on TLC, The New York Times, DailyCandy, NBC, The CW and quoted in hundreds of media interviews.  He is the world’s leading expert on the marriage proposal, conducts his date·night·ology™ workshop for couples to help them reconnect and his greatest joy in life is seeing couples in healthy, happy relationships.  When not being The Romance CEO, Bloomberg can be found creating in the kitchen, sipping wine on a patio, at the gym, being grateful and, when time permits, giving back to the City of Fort Worth, where he was born and raised.