“Mike Bloomberg = The Super Sexy Cool Czar of Romance…. I can’t say enough great things about him!!! He really is the ultimate authority in all-things-romance. He’s been a guest on my show numerous times due to raving popular demand from my listeners. People just can’t resist his playful and elegant style. I was so enamored by his media savvy and  charming ability to consistently provide great information and insight that I was compelled to ask him to co-host. Mike is undoubtedly the King of Romance! He’s destined for world-renowned greatness as THE go-to guy for romance! He is an absolute master at showing people how to go from initial spark to fanning the flames of passion in record time. He’s rocking the world of romance in a whole new and innovative way!”
– Sherry Fetzer, host of Lifegasms Radio


“In May 2010, I had the pleasure of not only meeting Mike for the first time, but also work with him with a group of military couples brought together to reconnect. As a licensed counselor, I am able to identify a person’s natural ability to connect, inform, and engage others. I witnessed firsthand his amazing energy as well as how easily he did connect, inform and engage his audience. They were captivated!”
– Mary K. Arcement, LPC, LMFT
“When we invite Michael Bloomberg to speak to our client gatherings, it is a big event to look forward to because everyone finds it so interesting. I have people come up to me, whether they have been married for 50 years or thinking about getting married, thanking me for bringing this world-class expert to speak to them.”
– David A. Corbin, CFA
Corbin & Company, President & Chief Investment Officer


“There are only so many opportunities in life to make a special time a treasured memory. Michael Bloomberg helped me craft my marriage proposal to Michelle into a story that became a fairy tale. Michael’s expertise in planning, timing and special touches proved invaluable.”
– Pat Moon, Little Rock, AK
“Michael Bloomberg loves what he does and it shows. He welcomes questions and this is indicative of his experience in his business. Michael begins to outline a plan for you the moment you speak with him. While working with him, it was clear to me that there were some facets of planning an engagement that I overlooked. It was only because of Michael’s experience and first-hand knowledge of planning such things that he was able to draw insight and experience where it was needed. You’ll be surprised to find out that the planning of your own engagement can be so detail-oriented. Michael Bloomberg uses what he has learned in his experience to make your engagement better… PERFECT.
– Chester, Chino, CA


“My wife and I have been on several of Mike Bloomberg’s Date Night offerings and had a fantastic time. His attention to details plus his careful thought into crafting a fun event for couples exceeds all expectations. We look forward to seeing what new plans Mike shares for Date Nights so we can join in the fun.”
– Richie Escovedo
“My husband and I have participated in several of Mike’s outside-the-box “Date Nights.” By the end, we always have a shared experience, gain new insight and appreciation for each other and have spent an evening together doing something we wouldn’t have otherwise. We thoroughly enjoyed these evenings and can’t wait to see what Mike has in store for the next night out!”
– Marnee Lott