“What do you want me to speak about?” I asked. “Talk about what you do, where the idea came from and how you do it,” the lady on the phone replied. And, out of this brief conversation many years ago with a University…just like that, I became a speaker.

Having one of the most interesting careers in the world, Michael Bloomberg has become a favorite subject of the media, as well as, audiences across the globe. He is a sought-after speaker ranging from a keynote address to workshops. Bloomberg’s audiences span from colleges and universities, to businesses and corporations, the military, non-profits and social groups.

team building

Fortune 500 companies everywhere know that team-building exercises are beneficial activities for organizational departments. Offering employees a way to connect with their coworkers, colleagues learn new information about one another and foster trust between departments and teams, all while building collaboration and boosting morale.

Because team building exercises are highly effective, many have been done before. Personality tests –check. Trust-building obstacle courses – check. Scavenger hunts – check. Their prevalence has allowed us to create the most powerful team experience to date!

Get Engaged! Team Building
Introducing a new experiential team building called “Get Engaged!” Get Engaged! is a half-day, unique team building experience that submerges your department in The 4 C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Credibility, the backbone of any successful team building exercise. Get Engaged! goes further evoking the two greatest elements to remembering experiences…Emotion and Empathy. Your team will never forget this workshop and will maximize the tools garnered during Get Engaged!

Get Engaged! is the brainchild of Michael Bloomberg. As The Romance CEO, Michael created the niche of Marriage Proposal Consulting. He has researched and planned hundreds of dream marriage proposals around the world – some which took up to four months to prepare and execute. Always unique, always fun and always successful – these proposals have forever changed people’s lives.

Now, your team has the opportunity to do the same. After a foundational interactive presentation, your team will break into separate groups. Each group will receive a sealed dossier containing details about the couple for whom they are planning the dream proposal. Using skills commonly needed in the corporate world, each team will develop the proposal and present the idea to Michael and your management team (if applicable). Get Engaged! wraps with a customized facilitated session to apply the team building’s takeaways to your team’s specific desired outcomes, helping you move forward as a
cohesive group.

What does my team get out of it?
Below are just a few of the desired qualities your team will utilize during the Get Engaged! experience:
 Project management skills
 Time management skills
 Budgeting
 Conflict Resolution
 The importance of giving someone a great story to tell
 Presentation skills
 Customer/client service and listening skills
 How to work together as a team
 Tapping into your team’s hidden creativity
 How to divide and conquer as a team

Who should attend?
Get Engaged! benefits teams of any size in any industry. Human Resources, Sales and Marketing departments from numerous and varying industries have already had the opportunity to Get Engaged! We have seen benefits for: Corporate, Education, Associations, Non-profits, Property Management, Real Estate, Title Companies, Financial/Banking, Hospitality, Medical, Churches, Retail, Law Offices and many others. Get Engaged! is equally highly effective for Leadership, Board and Executive Retreats.

You are now sure your audience would love to have Michael Bloomberg lead your team in the Get Engaged! Team Building program, learn about the science of Marriage Proposals or hold a date•night•ology™ workshop. Now what? Click here to hire Michael.